Developing the future of energy

We are accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future by offering affordable solar solutions for people’s homes - whatever their circumstances. We also offer attractive returns for investors who want to join our journey and enable this transition.


We are building an ecosystem that enables both customers and investors to save and earn money from the sun.


By designing an ecosystem that brings customers and investors closer together, we’re able to lower costs and offer solutions which provide customers with cheaper, cleaner energy. We want to make it easy and simple to find the right solar solution for each customer and give predictably low costs by providing live insights on consumption.

What we do

We are committed to making solar more accessible to every Australian.

Solar Purchase

Purchase your solar panels and see immediate monthly savings on your power bill.

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Solar Finance

Finance your purchase with an affordable monthly payment.

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Solar as a Service

Go solar for no upfront cost and only pay for the power you produce.

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We have a solar solution that meets
every budget.

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Switch to solar for $0 upfront cost

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