4 Tips To Help You Save On Your Energy Bill!

Energy takes a huge bite from your monthly budget, and unfortunately, that bite will only get bigger. Australian electricity prices are increasing every year; in 2019, the main grid electricity hit record highs due to rising fossil fuel prices, heatwaves, and droughts, according to a report by the Australian Energy Market Operator.

To help you counteract spiking energy prices, we’re sharing four nifty tricks that could save you more than 30 per cent on your monthly energy bills.

Four Tricks to save on your energy bills

Everyone wants affordable energy. Electricity currently accounts for 2.5 per cent of an average Australian household spending – that’s hundreds of dollars filling the pockets of your electricity provider every month!

But why do that when you can take simple steps every day to conserve energy? Here are our four favourite tips:

  1. Maintain heating and cooling. Heaters and air conditioners are one of the biggest culprits to the high energy bills. Get the most of your heating appliances by evaluating all your windows and doors by checking for air leaks; bad seals allow the warmth or coolness to seep out, making your utility appliances work harder. Seal those holes! In addition, adjust your thermostat to work only when you’re home.
  1. Switch off standby appliances. Even if your appliances aren’t turned on, it’s still sucking up electricity. Install electrical switches, and unplug small appliances when they’re not in use. Use Smart Technology appliances to save energy when you’re not home.
  1. Install energy-saving lighting. By changing your lightbulbs from traditional watts voltage to LED bulbs, you can significantly reduce your energy bill. LED light bulbs are cheap and long-lasting. Curious about how much an LED light bulb can save you every year? More than enough.
  1. Go solar. A solar panel system allows you to offset your energy bill. Solar panels could save you 30 per cent of your energy bills by offering access to affordable clean energy. Protect yourself from rising fossil-fuel costs by switching to solar. The cost of your monthly utility bill will never change – in fact, they’ll get cheaper by the year!

Solar is a great way to save money on energy bills

One setback of switching to solar is the upfront cost. A solar panel system is a large investment that costs up to $14,000 AUD. It’s still popular among many Australians: over two million traditional solar installations were made in the past decade.

But solar is slowing down— why? Does everyone own solar panels now?

Unfortunately, 6.8 million Australians don’t use solar because they cannot access it.

Lower-income households cannot afford a $14,000 system when they spend more than 32 per cent of their gross household income on electricity. For low-income households, switching to solar looks like a financial burden.

At Sola.io, we believe in generating the second solar revolution where every Australians can access solar. Our Solar-as-a-Service model provides lower-income families access to affordable, clean energy AND helps everyday Australians save on their energy bills.

Sola.io eliminates the upfront cost. Our customers get complimentary solar panels installed on their rooftops and pay for the energy produced by their panels at a fixed monthly cost.

Lock in your energy bill and shield yourself from rising energy prices. Connect with our solar consultants to access the most affordable electricity in Australia.

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