Affordable, clean energy: why should you invest in the renewable energy-sharing economy

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Does renewable energy have a place in the sharing economy? A new buzzword is circulating the internet, and it’s called the renewable energy-sharing economy. And it’s a very cool concept that plans to bring you better access to affordable, clean energy.

Changes in technology and society thinking have led us all to challenge the traditional method of where we get our energy and who we get it from. In the past, utility companies owned the relationship. Households and companies paid for access to fossil-fuel energy. The people had very little say and choice in where their energy was coming from and the purchasing power over it. Now, utility companies are in trouble, because the renewable energy-sharing economy is disrupting the market and providing you with a new opportunity.

Here is what the renewable energy-sharing economy provides you with.

  • Energy at an affordable rate
  • Access to clean energy and stop contributing to global warming
  • Community sharing and benefiting from clean energy

Are we moving towards a consumer-centric energy market that is governed by the people? Is it your time to invest in the renewable energy-sharing economy?

What is the renewable energy-sharing economy?

The renewable energy-sharing economy is a new energy framework. It impacts where we buy our energy from and who has control over it. The mission of renewable energy-sharing is to decentralise our current electricity grid.

The current method of how we receive and use our energy is one-sided. We hook up to the local utility provider for our electricity. We have no say where that energy comes from and how much it costs. The traditional approach is now challenged by the sharing economy. Uber and Airbnb are great examples of the sharing economy model in practice. In a sharing-economy, members of the network are encouraged to share something of their own in exchange for something of another’s in the same network. The peer-to-peer approach enables people to exchange directly taking out the middleman.

The idea of energy sharing-economy is still relatively unknown — but gaining momentum. It’s often seen in renewable energy in the form of community solar, solar gardens, and solar farms. In these networks, producers of solar and consumers of energy connect to share the consumption and production of renewable energy. Other models, like, allow a community to invest in renewable energy infrastructure and provide everyone with access to clean energy. We call this our Solar Network. connects a network of individuals wanting to invest in renewable solar energy with people who can’t afford solar technology. By exchanging roof space and investment money, is taking its part in the renewable energy-sharing economy by connecting peers together for mutual benefit.

Renewable energy is sexy: let’s invest

Our interest in renewables has been on the rise for years. Australia generally receives a lot of sun on a yearly basis, making it a prime location for renewables like solar energy. According to, renewable energy consumption has grown by 5% in the last year, and it’s widely due to the increase of renewable energy sources and the decreasing costs to establish those sources.

Have you noticed your energy bill going up? Have you noticed solar installation prices going down? Fossil fuel utility prices have been on a quick upward swing for Aussies over the last several years. At the same time, government incentives have put rebates and incentives in motion to meet the Paris Agreement’s emission quota by decreasing installation costs. Because of all these combined efforts, renewable energy may now be the lowest-cost source of electricity to invest in.

There has never been a better time to invest in our sun and solar energy. Why should you invest?

  • Access to solar energy and a solar panel system is more affordable than ever before with subscription-based models. Subscribe to a Solar Network like ours!
  • We’ve met our yearly renewable-energy quota for Australia, but we still have far to go. Renewable energy still only accounts for about a quarter of Australia’s energy usage.
  • Fossil-fuel utility prices continue to rise. Disconnect from the grid, and join the renewable energy-sharing economy.

Renewable energy for everyone

According to Clean Energy Australia, we’re at the highest level of clean electricity in a generation — at 21% of energy generated by renewables. And Australia has recently met its clean energy quota for 2020, but will it stop there? Over the last year, investments in solar energy have actually stagnated, and we’ve seen government rebates even start to disappear.

It’s time to invest in renewable energy for those Australians that didn’t have access to the opportunity before. Maybe you don’t have a home? Maybe you couldn’t afford the solar panel system? Maybe you’re a renter? Up until this point in time, renewable energy has been easy-access to those that can afford it.

It’s time for the second wave of renewable energy investment, where the community invests in renewables to enable everyone to access clean, affordable energy. At, we believe this future is enabled by the energy-sharing economy. If you’re looking to go solar, connect with our solar consultants to access the most affordable electricity in Australia. 

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