Review the community solar pros and cons to see if its the right option for you.

Solar community network pros and cons

With electricity costs and global warming on the rise, more Australians look for renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. Since Australia has the highest solar radiation…

Young man working in a electricity plant

Virtual Power Plant: Is this the future of our electricity?

When you imagine where your electricity comes from, what comes to mind? You might visualise large factory buildings with long-stretching electricity lines that transport large…

Young man review financial statements on solar investments

Affordable, clean energy: why should you invest in the renewable energy-sharing economy

Does renewable energy have a place in the sharing economy? A new buzzword is circulating the internet, and it’s called the renewable energy-sharing economy. And…

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Brick houses with solar panels on the rooftop

2020 solar community network trends

For financial and environmental reasons, more Australians want access to solar energy. While private rooftop solar still dominates, making up around 20% of our renewable…

Australian solar rebates and incentives will you save money on your energy bill.

Australian solar rebates and incentives: will they save you money?

Solar energy is a clean, generous and affordable energy resource that Australians continue to benefit from. It is by far the energy source of the…