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Purchase a solar system today and start saving on your energy bill immediately.

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Reduce your energy bill today!

When you purchase a solar system all the energy you produce belongs to you. You will receive a small energy bill from your energy provider for your nightly consumption. For any unused energy that feeds back into the main grid you’ll receive a credit applied towards the energy you use from the grid at night.

We’ve got you covered

We provide you with live monitoring, workmanship warranty of 10 to 12 -years , a 25 year performance warranty, and inverters with a minimum 5-year manufacturers' warranty.

Unique Home Designs

Our solar consultant creates a uniques design for each home, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Solar Finance

Finance your purchase with an affordable monthly payment.

No Upfront payment

Product and Workmanship Warranty

Small monthly payment to Green Loan

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Solar as a Service

Go solar for no upfront cost and only pay for the power you produce.

No Upfront payment

Maintenance, Product & Workmanship Warranty

Small monthly payment to Sola.io

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