Is cheap solar panel installation available in Australia?

Australia has been on a solar panel installation growth spike for the last several years—and it’s now possible to find a cheap solar panel installation. Government rebates, affordable financials, and environmental awareness have accelerated the solar economy’s growth.

Australia now has more than two million solar panel systems on residential homes, and at one point, an average of six solar panels per minute was being installed in Australia, as mentioned by the Clean Energy Council.

Solar panels are popular, but are they cheap for you to purchase? Cheap solar panel installations are available on the Australia market — but be wary of low-quality solar materials when searching for a cheaper option. It’s possible to have a quality solar panel system at an affordable price and within your budget.

Avoid cheap solar panels

Because of solar popularity, the market has been flooded with cheap and low-quality solar materials. Stories of badly installed solar panel systems and breakages are all too common in Australia.

Many of these materials are shipped from China and other Asian countries, and because of slow advancing regulation, Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) is playing the catch up game to ensure quality insurance of solar panel installations and establish the necessary regulatory laws.

A low-quality solar panel system can cause you more heartache in the long run and can derail your overall savings. Because you’ll likely need to re-install a new system within five years.

Furthermore, low-quality installers and uncertified teams can lead to unsafe roof conditions for you and your family. Research your quality approved solar panel system retailer in the Clean Energy Council directory.

How to save on installation costs

Cheap and low-quality solar panel systems aren’t the way to go. But you might still be looking for a system that’s within a reasonable budget. Due to solar popularity, Australia’s solar panel market is offering new purchasing opportunities to homeowners. Now, you have more financing options to save on solar panel installation costs.

Australian government rebates

Solar rebates and incentives are common methods to reduce the cost of a solar panel installation. Depending on your location, Australian states like Victoria offer unique solar rebates and programs to reduce costs. Solar rebates and government programs like small-scale technology certificates and feed-in tariffs are also common ways to save on a solar panel installation.

Rent your solar panel system

Up until recently, purchasing a solar panel system was the only solution. A homeowner could personally finance a solar panel system or subsidise the expense with government rebates. Many of these financing options are the cause of Australia’s recent solar installation boom — making solar a more affordable option to Australians. But many rebates reduce costs, they don’t necessarily make it affordable to everyone.

New clean energy provider models are now on the market allowing for more flexibility and ease when getting a solar panel system. A subscription-based model is an example of this new solution, and it’s the model provided by Subscriptions offer you low-cost energy through a subscription service. By subscribing, you receive an investment-free solar panel system and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance.

A 2017 Electricity Price Trends Reports by the Australian Energy Market Commission broke the sad news that the average annual electricity rate in Australia is 34.41 cents per kW/h. At, our solar subscription is available for as low as 0.135 cents per kW/h for a standard solar panel system — currently the most affordable electricity in Australia! The subscription rate is by far a better option than what the average Australian pays for their current electricity bill.

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