Solar community network: a shared-power solution for a new generation

Community solar can provide more people with access to cheaper energy.

A solar community network is a solution to many financial and restrictive challenges that Australians face when looking for renewable, affordable, and clean energy options.

In Australia, we’re currently riding a growth curve towards a renewable energy economy. The demand for solar technology has increased due to escalating utility bills over the last decade — rising over 56%!

At the same time, we’ve suffered from increasing gas prices, coal prices, and overall utility household costs. Solar technology is a preferred alternative to the traditional fossil-fuel utility grid and is an affordable energy option. But many Australians still don’t have access to it.

What is a solar community network?

Australia has now reached over 2 million household solar power installations — but a major issue still resides in this statistic.

Solar technology is still not affordable and available to everyone. People of certain economic and social backgrounds are hindered and don’t have access to affordable, clean energy. A solar community network is a solution.

A solar community network is a community-driven power provider, where electricity producers and electricity consumers share, trade, and provide to each other renewable solar energy to power their homes.

SEIA elaborates further saying, “community solar refers to local solar facilities shared by multiple community subscribers who receive credit on their electric bills for their share of the power produced.”

How does a solar community network work?

A solar community network enables everyone to have renewable energy. Now, you can benefit from solar energy without dealing with a large upfront cost.

To make it work, a solar community network provides infrastructure to host the solar panels, or the funds to invest in the infrastructure. Many community solar models are evolving and new solar provider business models are on the rise that require less land and financial resources to be created.

As an alternative to traditional community solar, Australian homeowners, businesses, local organizations, and other electric users can access a solar community network that provides the infrastructure to host solar technology panels at a no-investment cost. Homeowners benefit from the lower-cost, clean energy of their home, and they feed excess energy back to the network. Investors can enable and invest in their local community.

Solar energy for every Aussie

The benefits of a solar community network are numerous. Foremost, it’s an attractive option for Australian homeowners looking to go eco-friendly and have a reduction in their energy costs — but it goes deeper into providing more than the average Australian homeowner with access.

Traditionally to install a solar panel system on your property, you would need to own the building or land. You would also need enough money or credit to finance the solar panel system yourself. Many Australians are hindered by this traditional system because they have a disqualifying rooftop — or they’re a renter or low-income missing out on the benefits entirely.

The Community Power Agency cited statistics showing 29% of Australian households rent, and 14% of Australians live in apartments. Both parties traditionally don’t have access to install a rooftop solar system, and they don’t have the opportunity to benefit from affordable, clean energy.

A solar community network strives to bring affordable energy to every Australian. It has the grounding to provide clean energy to households, rentals, and individuals that normally wouldn’t have access to solar energy due to high-costs, or lack of home ownership.

By bringing solar energy to more people, we can all better contribute and benefit from the renewable energy economy, contribute to emission reduction, buy local energy, and have access to affordable energy. It sounds like a great deal.

Shared-power solution for Australia

A solar community network is our shared power solution for a new generation. It enables our community to develop local, renewable energy to power our homes. It places the decision-making back into our community by decentralising and democratising our electricity system. As a community, we share the benefits together. If you’re looking to go solar, connect with our solar consultants to access the most affordable electricity in Australia. 

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