Become a Member of the Sola.io

Referral Program

You’re a contributor to clean energy. You’ve made your statement to protect the environment. You’re currently enjoying the benefits of affordable, clean energy. Pay it forward and help other Australians save hundreds on their energy bill by switching to solar.

How it works


Give a discount to your friend

Invite your friends to join the solar community.They get $200 off their system..


Your Friend Uses Discount

Your friends switch to solar and use your discount code.


Access Instant Cash Back

As soon as your friend uses the discount you get $200 credited to your bank account.

Make Money. Protect the Environment.

Every referral that becomes a Sola.io member is a new contribution to carbon reduction.

One referral equals a 1.3 ton reduction in carbon emissions annually. Switching to solar reduces your carbon footprint.

It’s like planting an equivalent 100 trees!

Earn money from referring homeowners to our program—contribute to carbon reduction.

Becoming a member

When you refer a friend or family member to the program, you’ll contribute to a 1.3 tonnes reduction of carbon emissions—and help other Australians reduce their electricity bills. Earn $200 from every household we successfully onboard and that you referred. Installation takes place within a 14-day period. Earn your referral bonus within the confirmed installation period.