Covid-19 response

As we continue to monitor the effects of the Coronavirus and it’s spread across the globe, we have been thinking about how we can take every precaution and do our part in keeping our team, customers, and partners safe.

With the demand for solar rapidly increasing as more individuals are now working from home, we believe it’s our job to act responsibly and secure the health and safety of all as we continue to service our customers.

Solar installation isn’t a “high touch” business that requires significant personal contact, however we are taking steps to keep everyone safe.

From March 18th we have implemented the following protocols.

Business Impact: New ways of working

Our business is setup so that interactions can take place remotely. We are adhering to the social distancing advisory, and have actioned our work-from-home or remote work policies where possible.

What does this mean for our customers?

We are dedicated to helping you access your government solar rebates and incentives and will continue to provide this service by utilising technology.

There will be live webinars twice per week to help customers apply for their rebates and answer any questions that you have about you installation.

Our solar consultant will also be available via telephone and video conferencing.

How does this impact installations?

The installation process does not require interaction with the installers and they do not need to enter your home.

Here’s the process:

  • All planning and communication will be done remotely, and contracts will be signed using your electronic signature prior to the installation.
  • The installation process does not require interaction with the installers and they do not need to enter you home.
  • All installations will be completed with keeping in line with the social distancing protocols. These measures include avoiding handshakes and attempting to stay at least 6 feet away from others when practical.
  • Installers arriving on the day will practice good hand hygiene. They are equipped with sanitisers and upon departure, installers will ensure that every surface they interacted with is clean and thoroughly wiped.

While acknowledging the increased public concern, continues to operate to meet the demand of our customers, providing safe and reliable solar installations.

In these uncertain times the demand for solar is rapidly increasing as every dollar counts. If you haven’t made the switch, now may be the best time to consider it. You can access solar for $0 upfront and you can start reducing your energy bill immediately and become less reliant on the grid.