Welcome to our solar network

We bring together a community of like minded people. We connect solar customers with eligible investors in our solar ecosystem to power our world with clean energy at affordable prices.

How does our solar network work?

Our network is made up of solar producers and solar investors. Solar Investors contribute to fund solar systems for solar producers. Solar producers pay a monthly bill for the energy they consume from the system which goes back into the fund to provide returns for the solar investors.

Solar Producers

As a solar energy producer, we provide you with a rooftop solar system at zero cost to yourself. We install and maintain the solar system making the process easy, risk-free, and with no headache. You agree to buy the energy produced by our solar system at an affordable electricity rate, and we save you 30% on your energy bill.

How to get solar

Our subscription service works in a few easy steps.


Join our solar network

Start with our application form to check your eligibility.


Complimentary Solar System

Risk-free, zero cost to yourself for installation and maintenance of the solar system.


Save money

Save 30% on your energy bill — and reduce carbon emissions.

Solar Investors

Solar Investors pay $930 for a KW contributing to our Solar Future Fund that finances solar systems for our Solar Producers. The investment payment is based on the cost of acquisition and installation of a 1kw solar system. Any individual or organisation, anywhere in the world, can sign up to be a Solar Investor and help contribute to a cleaner future while saving everyday Australians up to 30% on their electricity bills.

Retail Funds

Peer to Peer model where you can purchase a system for a solar producer and earn money from the sun

Min $200 investment

Expected return of 9-11% p.a.

Virtual Solar Systems

Available for persons who are unable to install solar

Investment upwards of $3900

Min system size is 4.2 kW

Expected return of 11-14% p.a.